New Year = New Deals!

Did you go traveling? If you were on a plane, you probably saw the SkyMall Catalog. Well, now you can save on all of those products!

See the following promotions, starts Jan. 1st, and ends Feb. 1, 2012:

Get 15% off (no minimums) at 1.1.12-2.1.12 with code LSA57 (Restrictions Apply)

Receive $10 off your purchase of $50 or more at 1.1.12 to 2.1.12 with code LSB44 (Restrictions Apply)

Get a $25 gift card with a purchase of $100 or more at SkyMall .com 1.1.12 to 2.1.12 with code LSC28 (Restrictions Apply)

Get $15 off your purchase of $75 or more at 1.1.12 to 2.1.12 with code LSD16 (Restrictions Apply)

Receive a $50 gift card with your purchase of $175 or more at 1.1.12 to 2.1.12 with code LSA72 (Restrictions Apply)

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Watch out this Holiday Season

It is so easy to be tempted to buying something online or through an infomercial on TV. I wish I could try them all, but I don’t have the time or money to review them all.

One thing I try to stay away from are products that you have to consume internally. Unfortunately everyone has different reactions to products. Listen carefully to the commercials about anti-depressants, or sleep enhancers and you will find that the side effects may outweigh the benefits.

I wouldn’t want to promote products that may have negative harmful side effects. Sometimes it is best to let nature that its course. If you can’t sleep it may be because you are over stimulated, or have ingested too much caffeine. May be you need to go to a quiet location, or do some deep breathing exercises so that you can unwind and de-stress from all your daily activities. May be you need to write things down that are bothering you, or talk stuff out so that you do not keep rehearsing thought and ideas in your head. Clear your mind, and do a quiet activity… ease down slowly.

People can also be depressed due to something they feel that they cannot handle. This is a time to talk out your problems. Don’t medicate yourself away from your feelings. When you understand your feelings, that is the time that you can move on to change, and work things out. Medication only suppresses the underlining issues. If you however, do not know what is going on. Seek medical attention, talk to a professional to see what the cause of the problem is. Do not try to mask the situation, which could be a sign of something else.

So, if you see a product on TV or online that you think may help someone with depression, or diabetes, or cancer, or whatever, and you think you can help them if they take a certain supplement. STOP! Don’t buy it. You may be doing more harm than good. Go to the following URL to find out more information on health fraud scams:

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New Products

Here are some products worth checking out:


New year, new program and new spokeswoman for Nutrisystem. Here’s the latest from Nutrisystem. It’s Janet Jackson with a proven system that works!

NutriSystem, Inc.

Slushy Magic

Does you family like dessert? Mine does, and I don’t have time to make any. I don’t want to go out and buy something either. Besides homemade is always better. I like this product. It’s easy to use and fun. The kids can make things themselves! Click on the picture to find out more. Read the FAQ at the bottom of the page to get your questions answered.

Big City Slider Station

If you hate making hamburgers, and the mess it makes, you might want to check this out.
You can make mini-burgers quick and easy.

Body Gospel

Have fun getting into shape and worshiping with the Lord. Not just for women.
Check it out.

Awesome Auger

Aah Bra

If you are tired of your bra straps falling down, and being uncomfortable. You need to try this bra. It is very comfortable. Great to wear around the house and when working out.

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Buying Organic Foods

Most people agree that organic food is the way to go for personal health, and for the planet. The main drawback is the cost of organic foods can be higher than the regular items.

Buying organic food is a good idea–for both your own health and the environment–but it’s more important with some produce than with others. Strawberries, for example is best to get organic, without pesticides because it would be hard to wash away any residue. Apples however, have a thick skin which can be peeled away or washed prior to consumption.

When trying to stick to a budget, select organic items that tend to be the most filled with pesticides, such as thin skinned fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to buy every item in its organic form to improve your health.

Make buying in-season, local organic items a priority. This means you will buy fresh berries in the summer and turn to squash and root vegetables in the winter. Transporting organic foods a long distance across the U.S. or world so that we may have access to them year-round is taxing on the environment.

Where do you get Organic Foods?

Organic foods, such as fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, are now available in more locations than ever before. Check your local supermarket, farmer’s market or specialty health food store.

Establish a good relationship with farmers and online sources for bulk purchases of grains. Grains and cooking ingredients cultivated in an organic way can be purchased in large amounts at a discount if you make a certain number of purchases.

Volunteer to work at a local cooperative in order to shop around for organic foods. Cooperatives help organic food lovers connect with one another and gain access to collective wisdom about sources of organic food. Encourage your neighbors or co-workers to go organic. Often, the more you buy, the more you’ll save. Divvy up the goods and enjoy your savings.

Organic foods are more readily available than ever before, but you’ll find the widest selections at your local health food store. Look for the bulk bins, where you will find rices, legumes, flours, cereals and dried fruits available for bulk purchase.

Eating healthy food can be a challenge. Some organic foods are quite expensive and can be hard to find. But you might be surprised how many relatively inexpensive healthy foods are available for those willing to search them out.

Look for discount markets and closeout warehouses where organic foods are sold. Often, expensive specialty items can be purchased for a mere fraction of their original price.

Check out your local health food stores. Health food stores do have a number of items that are expensive. Usually, those items are their packaged and prepared goods, such as cookies, crackers and cereals. Look out for any bulk items and local products. You may find that they have cheaply priced organic grains, dried fruits and/or nuts available in bulk.

Don’t assume that just because an item is termed organic that it is a healthy, environmentally friendly choice. Research what you can about the company producing it and the methods it uses. Many small farms use organic methods that are far superior to commercially produced organic foods.

Sometimes you can find some organic items online. Here is one that I have found:


This is a brand new company that markets organic products. There are various options with this company, you can be a Preferred Customer or a A Mission Marketer. Either way, you will get discounts and save money eating quality products. You also have the option of  helping others at the same time.

I’m sure you know of Jordan Rubin, author of “The Maker’s Diet,” and founder of the supplement company, Garden of Life. I have a great deal of respect for Jordan and his integrity. Jordan is turning his attention to the food industry where he believes is the physical foundation to our health. He is competing against the food companies that perpetuate the Standard American Diet.

He has built a farm designed to produce the cleanest, most nutritious, and most innovative foods ever offered. These include: GREEN-fed, grass-finished meat, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meat, raw dairy, flax seed products, chocolate with probiotics, pure mountain spring water, and pre-packaged meals.

Jordan has decided to market and distribute these products in a non-conventional way. He is giving the public a chance to have a stake in his success. The company will be built through relationships rather than the marketplace.

Between now and November when the opportunity goes public, you have the opportunity, by invitation only, to become an insider at no cost. Once you sign up you can take a look at the products. We all want good clean high-grade organic food. I hope you’ll get on board with me to change people’s lives. I don’t affiliate with many companies, but this one is a “must have” to me, and I wanted to share it with you too!

I like the idea of getting quality chocolate and meats. I am on their mailing list. Hopefully, as they progress they will add more products to their selections. Looking forward to trying the chocolate out. Here’s a video link to find out more.

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Healthy Food

Want healthy food delivered to your home? This company doesn’t deliver prepackaged frozen food, but fresh produce and other groceries that you want.

The only problem is that they are only located in certain parts of the U.S. Check the website to see if they serve your area.

See current promotion:
$10 off your first order at with code CJN10, through 10/31/11

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Ready for the Holidays?

Here are some things I found that may help you celebrate with style:

I love shopping on So much selection, and you get product reviews and discounts on prices! Sounds like a place to check out.

Dyson Inc. Free Shipping

Starbucks Holiday Blends

Walmart USA, LLC


Know someone who is concerned about what they are eating? Maybe they might want to grow their own organic garden. You can help.
Check out the Gardener’s Gifts Sets

10% OFF all gift cards and e-gift cards at with code HC11 now thru 12/31/11

Shop for Holiday Wreaths, Plants and Christmas Trees for $5 OFF your order of $30.00 with code DC511 thru 12/31/11

Shop and receive a FREE Packet of All-Natural Plant Food with orders of $30 or more! Offer good now through 3/31/2012

Personalized gifts


See's Candies, Inc.
Shipping Included on Holiday Gift Baskets and Packs at See’s Candies! Ends 12/18.

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You don’t have to go to the dentist or doctors to see your favorite magazines. Why not have them delivered to your home. Great deals happening now!, Inc.
Save on Family Circle at

On Sale Now! Over 100 popular magazines to choose at MagazineLine!

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Check out the eBags Steal of the Day! One incredible deal each day. Hurry, it goes fast!

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TimeToSpa Coupon (Steiner Leisure Limited) Expires 10-2-11.

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Comments on Product Reviews and Discounts

I have received many comments on the site lately which I appreciate. However, most of them will not be published.

The reason is:

* If you truly like the site, then why not share it with others? (See buttons below the post)
* Why not share who you really are? What is your name? Not the name of your website address. Self promotion is not what this site is about.
* If you don’t know what to say,  it’s best not to say anything, don’t copy someone else’s comments. Duplicate content will not be published. This site is not to be used to get backlinks to your site.
* Comments are very general and do not necessary reflect content on the site.

The reason I am writing this is to not waste your time or mine. No one wants useless information. Thank you for reading.

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